Oktober 26th  2023 – MIRROR Launch Reception

This film(below) was played at the MIRROR launch reception. Special thanks to: Dr Herz: Mischa Jacobi, Professor Dick Meijer, Johan Brouwer, Ben, Daan, Nick, Rogier, André and ofcourse the bridge operator.

MIRROR launch reception speech:

Welcome to the official launch of Mirror. Welcome to the in-between space the slumber sleep and the first phase of this project. You are here tonight because you have received an invitation or because you are curious about what we are doing here. The word “Mirror,” derived from the Latin “Mirare,” which can mean “look” or “observe,” serves as both the subject and the function of wonder. Since we have been present in this building, we have constantly received the question: What is this? What is happening here? This is understandable, of course, because only the word “mirror” is visible on the windows. This initially vague description of the project serves the purpose of prompting the question and, in doing so, activates a self-selecting mechanism. I am talking about the first phase of the project and also the subject of this evening. Dr. Herz, Mischa Jacobi, and I have primarily used this place recently to organically develop a philosophy that we share and that is embodied in this MIRROR project. We have welcomed many new people here who have silently become part of this “secret” society. It’s not possible te become a member (at least not yet), but those who recognize the Mirror phenomenon see in each other a brother or sister. It is an active, playful, and artistic life philosophy that is not easily defined but is self-evident to allies. Some people may think they are here to view art, experience Mischa’s invention, or close a business deal. But in reality, you are here to cultivate discernment. Some people may think that this project is about enlightenment or “waking up,” as Neo in the Matrix can take a red pill to escape the program. But this project is more about continually experiencing the programs running while simultaneously being detached from them and experiencing relative freedom. It’s about the idea that both the red and blue pills are taken simultaneously. The first phase of MIRROR has been set in motion and will continue in this house in the form of specific theme nights and Thursday afternoon gatherings. After tonight, a new private event will be organized quickly, and I am in discussions with Professor Dick Meijer, who also has a role in the film that will be shown shortly. Finally, where is this project heading? The hidden agenda, which is not hidden, is as follows: That we are playing an artistic game with perception on an ever-increasing scale. We would love to connect with individuals interested in this and willing to assist us. 

June 1th 2023 – Headquarters in operation

Pamphlet on the front door:

Magnanimous Independent Reflection Refining observed Reality

It’s a fact of life that we hardly see or observe anything. Our minds are only capable of perceiving small fragments of reality, which gradually assemble into our comprehension of life. Moreover, even these partial impressions are subject to distortion and misinterpretation, often leading us astray from an accurate depiction of reality. If one humbly accepts this, one opens the door to to the MIRROR project.

Mirrors simultaneously reflect both your personal reality and the broader objective reality, creating a potential awareness of the connection between one’s subjective perception of the world and the overarching, greater reality. This phenomenon underscores our fascination with these in between spaces—ambiguous realms that are challenging to precisely define due to their ever-changing nature.

Whether you will be involved in some way or not, remember house rule number one of the mirror project: Pay attention.