The magnificent structural elegance of Europe’s finest historical buildings have inspired me to make this series of oil paintings which may appear to be about ideal states of mind and/or ideal states of being.


For hundreds of years these remarkable feats of architecture are still a testimony of aesthetic value in the form of symmetry, order, harmony and balance. To some extent these buildings show us the correct balance between space and structure and how this can cause us to experience the sublime. In this series I explore how our own metaphysical life can potentially be a beautiful architectural accomplishment like a castle, palace or other great structure.

Like architects together with kings and queens of old, we as sovereign individuals, in a sense, build our own inner real-estate of knowledge and experience. With each decision and every action, we realise pre-existing potential.

What is the correct balance between openness of mind (enabling light to shine in) and awareness to appreciate the structure and order of our existence.

Speaking personally, these paintings are visual expressions of my desire to learn how to discern things accurately and grow in wisdom. During the process of making them I believe I’ve discovered, when built on timeless values, that a structured inner world which is also open to new perspectives, is a good host for the fluid nature of the spirit of wisdom.