┬áThe interplay between perception and reality, the dance between the individual and the world around us, is the subject of David Christiaan’s artwork, titled “The Truth About Reality.” The artwork seems to embody this interaction, capturing our individual experience of reality and reality itself as both subject and experience.

The artwork comprises three merged mirrors with arrows shot into them. The arrows are reflected by the mirrors, giving the impression that they go beyond the surface of the mirrors, resulting in a striking optical effect. The overlapping frames suggest the multifaceted nature of reality and how our perception of it is fragmented. Our understanding of reality is always subject to change because it constantly changes due to the “arrow of time.” In the artwork, the arrows are paradoxically reversed and mirrored. The static reflective nature of the artwork symbolizes, among other things, the truth that change is the only constant.

Edition of 5, Available 4. (April 1e 2023)