My artworks appear to be expressions of my desire to learn how to discern things accurately and grow in wisdom. I have discovered that the images and ideas I get for artworks almost always represent something connected to the search for understanding and truth. It’s very interesting to experience how an idea or image can reveal its true essence. This usually begins to happen when I get the initial idea for an artwork. Then, when I actually start on the artwork, more and more is revealed to me. What began initially with just a sense of beauty and meaning can evolve into an aesthetic story.

What I love about making art is knowing that my artworks will easily outlive me. Art has the potential to inspire people long after we are gone. This sense of legacy is very real to me. I sense it when I paint, I think about it on long walks and as I discuss philosophy with friends. This longterm thinking makes it easy to keep my attention on the right things and frees me up to sacrifice time and energy to experiment, discover and learn.

Attentive listeners, patient observers and those who love learning are on a life-long journey to discover greater meaning. When we learn how to look deeper and listen better, everything becomes more meaningful. Then, our perceptions will change and we can understand more fully.

David Christiaan